6 Important points to remember about the maintenance of the roller shutters

6 Important points to remember about the maintenance of the roller shutters

Without installing the shutters, the property will not look as industrial and commercial, since nowadays the identification of the shop is done by the incorporation of the roller shutters. But with the ultimate recognition in the commercial and the industrial field, its use has been commenced in the residential properties as well. But as we know, the operation of the shutters has to be performed at the latest twice a day, one when it gets pushed up and another when it gets pulled down. The shutter repair work will come to its origin after 2 to 3 years of constant use if you are not maintaining it at regular intervals.


  • Are you cleaning it regularly?

We clean our homes regularly because we know if we give a miss to even one day, then the dust would get accumulated and it becomes difficult to clean everything all at once. So why don’t we follow this with the roller shutters? Because if we skip even one day of the cleaning, the dust or dirt contaminants will keep on getting accumulated in the different parts. And when they get stuck and cannot be cleaned with the normal cleaning technique, they will surely create a disturbance in the functioning.

  • Lubrication is as important as cleaning

The lubrications help in making the parts resistant to get stuck. Owing to the constant pushing up and pulling down operations the grease of the components tends to vanish which needs to be restored with the help of external lubrication.

  • Keep checking the parts of the roller shutters

The parts of the roller shutter should be checked regularly. So that if the part gets damaged it can be replaced at an early stage. Because if it is left to function otherwise, it may end up damaging the other parts as well.

  • Check the balance

If you are not able to check the balance of the shutter, then you should be taking the help of the professionals. But make sure you are not lethargic to call them since it is a necessity to get it checked otherwise in the wake of the aggravation of the adverse condition, the whole of the shutter has to be replaced.

  • Professional maintenance

No doubt, with the years of experience you have learnt about how to maintain the roller shutters, but still, you cannot match the professional maintenance. So it is advised, that at least once every six months you should get the shutters maintained by the professionals.

  • Get it replaced if it’s properly damaged

No doubt, the shutters are intended to safeguard the property from external attacks. But if the attack is so severe that the shutter cannot handle and owing to that it has got damaged, then you should not consider getting it repaired and continue to put it into use. Rather, get the whole shutter maintained.


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