Topmost 5 faults with roller shutter and professional tips to fix them

Topmost 5 faults with roller shutter and professional tips to fix them

The installation of industrial shutters has increased with time. But merely it is not about the installation which needs attention. For optimum working of the roller shutter, you need to keep a close check on the maintenance. If you encounter any issues, then make sure to get the shutter repair right away.

Some of the common faults are mentioned in the blog with professional tips to fix them. By doing so, the unexpected repair cost will reduce and the security of the place will not get affected.

Common faults and how to fix them

  • Loss of power source

Initially, it is important to check the power source. The loss of power connection will make trouble operating them. It is important to check the control panels along with the breaker board.

If the power source is not working, then the battery backup will help to get everything operated temporarily. Till the time the power source does not come back, you should use the power source.

  • Dirt present in the tracks

If you have not cleaned the shutters for a long time, then you can encounter the issue of irregular movements. The debris or dirt in the shuttered track will stop them in between.

From time to time, clean the shutter tracks. Depending on the usage, you need to lubricate all the moving parts of the shutters as it ensures they function smoothly. Even after trying these things, if the problem is still there, then you should seek professional assistance. It is possible that the problem is something big and only their assistance can solve the issue.

  • Dents and damage

If the roller shutter is damaged, then its working mechanism will get affected. In case there are larger dents due to heavy machinery then the bottom rail and lath need replacement. In such a situation, do not use the shutter for some time as they might be misaligned which increases the problem even more. Do not compromise the security at your place by taking any unwanted steps.

  • Faulty motor

If the roller shutter motor is not working, then it will result in total failure of the shutter, and in this case, the motor needs to be replaced or repaired. Make sure to get professional assistance every 6 months or earlier. This way the unwanted problem with the roller shutter is identified on time.

  • Sensor problem

In some cases, the problem with the working of the roller shutter is affected due to the faulty sensor. The code needed to operate the shutter may be clashing with the neighbor. The problem is usually triggered when the opening is proper but the shutter is not closing correctly. With time, it is possible that the strip will perish and its flexibility is going to get lost.

The error code is likely to occur because of a low battery and the battery must be suspected. In case, the battery needs to be replaced then make sure to code is given the utmost importance.

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