What are the problems you face after installing a roller shutter and how to fix them

What are the problems you face after installing a roller shutter and how to fix them?

Roller shutters are very important for the security of you and your place. If roller shutter damages then it will put you and your place at high risk. Risk of burglars, intruders, etc. For shutter repair call the experts which will help you in identifying the problem and in solving it. Don’t forget to check the location, reviews, ratings of the company you are going to call for the repair. 

Common roller shutter problems are:

  • While opening and closing the roller shutter

You might face a problem while opening or closing the roller shutter. Sometimes the roller shutter is half-opened. At that time you need to check the power source button of the roller shutter is on or off. If it is off then on it and if you are on the button but still it is getting off then you need expert advice.

  • Roller shutter is overheating

This can be another common issue you might face with the installed roller shutter. If you are using your roller shutter continuously without even giving it a rest then the overheating problem occurs. You need to wait for the roller shutter to come to the normal temperature before using it.

  • Roller shutters are jammed

While operating the roller shutters if it is jammed or stuck then you are failed to do oiling from time to time. Roller shutters need care. You have to take care of them by cleaning it regularly and oiling, greasing from time to time.

  • Shutters are not shutting properly

If your roller shutters are shutting halfway then you need to check the sensors of the roller shutters. Sometimes due to dirt on the sensors, it creates problems while operating it. Make sure your sensors are cleaned properly and not damaged for the smooth functioning of the roller shutter.

  • Code problem

Sometimes you face the problem of code clashing with your neighbours. If you are facing any type of problem regarding code then you need a professional which will solve your problem.

  • Roller shutter is damaged

If you are using a roller shutter in industrial areas then dents, dings are quite a common problem. Little dents will not affect the functioning of the roller shutter but major ones will affect and you need an expert.

  • The shutter is working too fast or too slow

If you are also facing a problem where your roller shutter is either working too fast or too slow then maybe there will be a problem of spring inserted in roller shutters. Well, there can be another reason also to identify the root of the problem then call the skilled person who will help you.


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