What are the topmost tips to maintain the smooth functioning of a roller shutter

What are the topmost tips to maintain the smooth functioning of a roller shutter?

Installation of roller shutter is as important as locking your doors before leaving the house. It will not only protect you from robbery, thieves, intruders but also increase the value of your house. It is low maintenance but that doesn’t mean you should not take care of the roller shutter. If you don’t want to make a hole in your pocket after shutter repair then start maintaining it on a daily basis. You must be thinking “ What are the tips to maintain the smooth functioning of a roller shutter.” In this blog, we are going to discuss this in-depth.

Tips to maintain the roller shutter mentioned below:

  • Cleaning regularly

You should clean the roller shutter on daily basis. If you will not clean it on a daily basis than dirt, debris will be collected on the shutter which will give your problem while operating the shutter. So it is your duty to clean the roller shutter on regular basis with cloth or brush so that dirt and debris will not be collected. With the help of water, cloth and detergent you can clean it easily.

  • Oiling from time to time

For the pro functioning of the roller shutter, you should put oil from time to time. Otherwise, your shutter might get jammed or stuck in between while opening or closing the shutter. It can become really stiff which can cause problems while operating. So do oiling and greasing properly.

  • Bolts become loose

Usage of roller shutter on a regular basis causes problems with bolts which tend to become loose with time. You should keep a check on it and tighten the bolts which are lost. If you want to avoid this problem then start inspecting your roller shutter from time to time.

  • Balance of the shutter

Your roller shutter needs a balance check every month. Due to the lack of knowledge, you won’t be able to check on your own and you need an expert which will check it for you. If you will check the balance then it is possible you did not do it correctly and you can miss out on something important. To prevent future damage, you need to hire professionals for maintenance and repair service.

  • Paint your shutters

Using roller shutters roughly which might create some dents, scratches in the roller shutter. So you should paint your roller shutter from time to time according to your place which will help you in attracting the customers towards you. Your shop front should always look appealing and different from competitors.

  • Vacuum

The roller shutters are made of different materials. Not all the roller shutters are meant to clean with water and detergent. If you have installed a wood roller shutter at your place then use the vacuum of the cleanliness of the shutter.


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