What are the utmost methods to solve common roller shutter problems

What are the utmost methods to solve common roller shutter problems?

Roller shutters are meant for doubling the security of the place. There are some roller shutters which are low maintenance as well as some that need extra care. And if you are experiencing shutter problems, then call the experts to fix the shutter repair problem. But there are some problems which you can fix on your own and in this article we are going to talk about it in detail.

When roller shutter is not opening

While opening the roller shutter, sometimes what happens is you are trying to open but won’t be able to open the shutter. If you are also facing the same problem, then need not to worry. Before calling experts the first thing you should check is the power source button. Make sure that the power source button should be on.


Due to excessive usage of roller shutter, it starts overheating and then you won’t be able to operate. You should leave your roller shutter for 1 hour or so for resting. It will help your roller shutter to cool down and after some time, you can again start using the shutter.

Slow and Uneven Movements

If your roller shutter is not working properly and creating slow or uneven movements, then you should check whether the dirt or debris accumulated on the shutter or not. If it is collected, then clean with a towel. This is the only reason why we always tell you to clean your roller shutter regularly. Also, check the rails whether there is anything there on the rails or not. If you find anything on the rail, then be careful while removing the thing without damaging the roller shutter.

Dent on the shutter

Dents are pretty common on roller shutters installed in places like warehouses, factories and so on. So it is common to have dents on roller shutter. To avoid any types of dents or scratches, you should make sure you are painting your roller shutter from time to time.

Roller shutter is stuck

If your roller shutter is stuck in between or not closing properly or making noise, then you should do oiling from time to time. If you will not do oiling from time to time, then your roller shutter will create a problem. In fact, there are different types of lubricants sprays available in the market which you can purchase.

Check sensors

If the door is opening in between and you are finding it difficult to operate the roller shutter, then you should check whether dirt is formed on the censors or not. If dirt is formed on the censors, then cleaning the censors will help you in operating the roller shutter properly.




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