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    Do not want to take risks when it is about shutter repair? Then you are suggested to count on the services of the Shutter Repair in Hounslow. People are finding it convenient to take up services because of the cheap and worthy


    We know, how bothering do you find such conditions in which you are in a hurry and suddenly run into the problem of the shutter dysfunctioning. To make you do away with the botheration, we make sure that we offer comprehensive services.


    If you are searching for any service which we have forgotten to enlist on our website, then please feel free to email us.

    ● Slat replacement

    Roller shutters are built up of so many slats. These slats are responsible for the smooth pulling and the pushing operation. But in case, these get broken somehow, you can count on us for timely replacement services.


    We know that each roller shutter is unique and different kinds of slats are being used in it. We always arrive wholly prepared at the worksite. We have a van that is always equipped with the required material that never runs into scarcity. After knowing the specifications and the materialistic properties of the slat, it is a matter of a few seconds for us to get it fixed.

    ● Tilt systems

    The tilt mechanism of the shutters may experience some issues, provided if a heavy hand is being used for the operation. The vastly experienced professionals are adept at replacing either the damaged or the tilted rods with minute precision.


    There are times when the tilting issues are hidden, which do not require a simple fix. For this, a survey will be required to figure out how a particular issue will be fixed.

    ● Hinge and magnets related issues

    When it is about the wooden shutters, it is unusual or atypical to experience the issues or the problems with the hinges and the magnets. But in case, it comes out, then the hinges and the magnets can be replaced with high-quality products.

    ● Painting services

    We aim at benefiting you by offering every such service which other service providers will charge a lot to render so, at highly economical prices. To paint a shutter is no doubt, less effort than a task but still, some business owners have made it a way to make a great sum of money. You can expect quality performance with money-friendliness. .


    There are sometimes when there is no need for the entire shutter to be painted. Rather the minor paint-ups are sought to hide the scratches to make it aesthetically pleasing.


    Hope! You are convinced enough to show some trust in us the next time when you come across either a mild or a serious shutter problem (Both structural or functioning related). We are always available at your services irrespective of the time. You will find us dependable at the time of emergency, for sure.

    We are waiting to be enquired!
    Assurity: Extreme level of satisfaction, Quality services and affordable costs.