What do the HAPPY CUSTOMERS have to say about services of SHUTTER REPAIR?

SHUTTER REPAIR is among those companies which offer premium quality services regarding roller shutter repair in London. The maintenance and the repair of the roller shutters are not only important for safeguarding the shop fronts, rather these play a huge role when it comes to preventing the internal contents of the shop from any kind of damage.

In this blog post, we are going to mention some of the experiences of happy customers:

Shirin Dholakia

I am an owner of a garment business. I have a big factory, a showroom and a godown. In each of the properties, I have installed roller shutters to make sure the property is safe. Since they are to be regularly operated, these need to get maintained and repaired. For that purpose, I always prefer to take the services of the SHUTTER REPAIR. The main benefit of hiring them is that they offer you timely services. What they sway is what you get.

Kritrim Chauhan

It was a rainy night and I was supposed to close the shop and return home. But unfortunately, when I headed to push down the shutter, It got stuck in between. Since I am an owner of a famous jewellery shop, the contents placed in my shop do have great worth. So I can’t afford to go home without leaving my shop unclosed. I was scrolling the contact list on my phone to find out whose help I should take. I finally came across the contact number of SHUTTER REPAIR. I called them, they assured me they would reach me within the shortest time. And they appeared true to their words and came to me within 20 minutes. They repaired the thing and charged the cost-effective prices.

Jahan Singla

I have taken the exposure of so many repair and maintenance companies. But I liked the SHUTTER REPAIR the most. It is because these offer timely and cost-effective services. These reach-in the shortest time. We are so glad about their services that each time we need shutter repair, we call them.

Sushobhit Singh

Each time when I ended up taking the services for the roller shutters like the maintenance and the repair, I never got satisfied with the professional’s approach to treating it. Then some relative of mine suggested considering SHUTTER REPAIR. I decided to give them a chance. And must say, from then onwards, whenever I feel the need to get the roller shutter either repaired or maintained, then I always call SHUTTER REPAIR.

Final Comments!

For shutter repair, it is always the feedback of our happy customers that keeps us motivated and encouraged. But this does not mean that we do not respect the criticism. With criticism, we always try to make ourselves better.

Here, we would like to tell you that if someday you need our services, then feel free to call us. We are 24/7 available to serve you. The more happy customers we have, the more satisfaction we get.

Roller shutter advantages – Sun & Weather protection, Energy saving, Noise reduction

The incorporation of the roller shutters in our homes help to provide full-fledged security. The intruders find it difficult to enter the house by crossing this obstacle, so they will never even attempt to trespass. You should keep on regularly checking the roller shutters, as sometimes these may require some maintenance and repair which demands immediate attention. Seeking shutter repair services from professionals will be the best alternative.

Advantages of the installation of the roller shutter

  • Protection from the sun

All of us tend to use the blinds and the curtains to stop the heat coming through the windows. But if you think that the use of the blinds and the curtains can help you to stop the heat, then you are wrong since the heat makes the glass of the window hot which will be followed by the heating of the curtains. The heated curtains will make the interior of the house hot.

But if you rely on the usage of foam-filled roller shutters, then you can surely achieve success in stopping the heat from entering the house. The foam which is made up of polyurethane has the potential to stop 75% of the heat coming from outside during the summer or hot days and prevent the escape of the 65% of the heat in the cold or winter days.

  • Weather protection

The installation of the roller shutter in the residential property is greatly beneficial since it does not let the harsh weather conditions cause any damage to your property. If the roller shutters are not installed, you cannot prevent any of the following:

  • Breaking of the glass window through the broken branches of the trees
  • Checking the entrance of the debris inside the house
  • Insecure feeling

And as far as temperature management is concerned, then roller shutters are one of the cost-effective measures which can provide you with insulation facilities.

  • Energy saving

As we have discussed in the above-mentioned points, the roller shutters help to prevent the escape of the heat from the house and the entering of the heat from outside. It can help to save the costs that may get incurred on paying the electricity bills.

  • Noise reduction

Nobody among us likes to hear those annoying sounds of the horns of the vehicles. But we feel helpless since we can do nothing to prevent that noise from coming into the house. But really?? Can we do nothing?? We can surely install the roller shutters whose insulation properties help to prevent the noise coming from outside from entering the house.

  • Maintains your privacy

Roller shutters help in the maintenance of privacy. Once pulled down nobody can see what is going inside.

Bottom Line

With so many facilities provided by the roller shutters, the buyers get hugely benefited from the light control facility which allows your dominance to control the amount of light entering your room. So when are you installing the roller shutters?

6 Important points to remember about the maintenance of the roller shutters

Without installing the shutters, the property will not look as industrial and commercial, since nowadays the identification of the shop is done by the incorporation of the roller shutters. But with the ultimate recognition in the commercial and the industrial field, its use has been commenced in the residential properties as well. But as we know, the operation of the shutters has to be performed at the latest twice a day, one when it gets pushed up and another when it gets pulled down. The shutter repair work will come to its origin after 2 to 3 years of constant use if you are not maintaining it at regular intervals.


  • Are you cleaning it regularly?

We clean our homes regularly because we know if we give a miss to even one day, then the dust would get accumulated and it becomes difficult to clean everything all at once. So why don’t we follow this with the roller shutters? Because if we skip even one day of the cleaning, the dust or dirt contaminants will keep on getting accumulated in the different parts. And when they get stuck and cannot be cleaned with the normal cleaning technique, they will surely create a disturbance in the functioning.

  • Lubrication is as important as cleaning

The lubrications help in making the parts resistant to get stuck. Owing to the constant pushing up and pulling down operations the grease of the components tends to vanish which needs to be restored with the help of external lubrication.

  • Keep checking the parts of the roller shutters

The parts of the roller shutter should be checked regularly. So that if the part gets damaged it can be replaced at an early stage. Because if it is left to function otherwise, it may end up damaging the other parts as well.

  • Check the balance

If you are not able to check the balance of the shutter, then you should be taking the help of the professionals. But make sure you are not lethargic to call them since it is a necessity to get it checked otherwise in the wake of the aggravation of the adverse condition, the whole of the shutter has to be replaced.

  • Professional maintenance

No doubt, with the years of experience you have learnt about how to maintain the roller shutters, but still, you cannot match the professional maintenance. So it is advised, that at least once every six months you should get the shutters maintained by the professionals.

  • Get it replaced if it’s properly damaged

No doubt, the shutters are intended to safeguard the property from external attacks. But if the attack is so severe that the shutter cannot handle and owing to that it has got damaged, then you should not consider getting it repaired and continue to put it into use. Rather, get the whole shutter maintained.


For taking up effective shutter manufacturing and maintenance, you should count on our services to get the best and the guaranteed services.

Benefits of Steel shutter doors – Security, Safety and Easy installation

When there is a need to take up necessary steps that are required for the assurance of the safety and security of the brand, then there is a need to incorporate the agricultural roller shutters in the first place. No matter what the size of your fields or your barn, we do present our clients with shutters of all the possible sizes. Even if you encounter any sort of repair work for the shutters, then you can consult our professionals who are adept in the shutter repair services.

What do we offer for agriculture?

For agriculture, we deem it perfect to introduce the steel sliding doors. It is because of the following reasons that this is considered the optimal and best option for agricultural purposes.

  • Higher level of security

Since these are the shutters that are supposed to get operated automatically, these offer a high level of security because these can only be operated by the one who has control over it.

  • The cheap and best alternative

Since it is of an automated nature, the people would have formulated an opinion regarding these that these may be quintessentially high in cost and which are not. Because these are vitally cheaper than the installation of the simple shutter doors and along with that they come with a range of benefits.

  • Warranty

The steel sliding doors come with a warranty of almost one year. But if after the completion of the mentioned period, you wish to renew the warranty, then you can appeal for it by showing proof that for even once you have got it maintained from the professionals.

  • Wide range of the demand

These doors are used in many agricultural sectors. Not only the sectors but they do facilitate a vast gamut of the applications:

  • Shed and Barn doors

  • Heavy agricultural shutters

  • Farm shutters for the animals

  • Customised

As mentioned above, we are always available to cater to the needs of our customers related to customisation. For this reason, agricultural farmers are finding it conducive to install such shutters in their barn or the field area.

  • Easy installation

No doubt, the use of the sliding shutter doors could be complicated but these have always offered an easy installation.

  • Cost-effective

The economical range of the shutter has always remained a predominant point to fetch maximum customers to buy the product.

  • Can be delivered

For the utmost convenience of our customers, we are always ready to provide a variety of facilities. For this reason, we have always delivered the shutter door to the address of our customers.

  • Good aesthetics

Most people do not buy the doors because they do not find them aesthetically appealing. We have not even overlooked this fact and have put each one of the efforts to make it look good.


If you are convinced with the properties and features of the sliding shutter doors, then please contact us. In case you have any query regarding the same, you can also drop an email.

Topmost 5 faults with roller shutter and professional tips to fix them

The installation of industrial shutters has increased with time. But merely it is not about the installation which needs attention. For optimum working of the roller shutter, you need to keep a close check on the maintenance. If you encounter any issues, then make sure to get the shutter repair right away.

Some of the common faults are mentioned in the blog with professional tips to fix them. By doing so, the unexpected repair cost will reduce and the security of the place will not get affected.

Common faults and how to fix them

  • Loss of power source

Initially, it is important to check the power source. The loss of power connection will make trouble operating them. It is important to check the control panels along with the breaker board.

If the power source is not working, then the battery backup will help to get everything operated temporarily. Till the time the power source does not come back, you should use the power source.

  • Dirt present in the tracks

If you have not cleaned the shutters for a long time, then you can encounter the issue of irregular movements. The debris or dirt in the shuttered track will stop them in between.

From time to time, clean the shutter tracks. Depending on the usage, you need to lubricate all the moving parts of the shutters as it ensures they function smoothly. Even after trying these things, if the problem is still there, then you should seek professional assistance. It is possible that the problem is something big and only their assistance can solve the issue.

  • Dents and damage

If the roller shutter is damaged, then its working mechanism will get affected. In case there are larger dents due to heavy machinery then the bottom rail and lath need replacement. In such a situation, do not use the shutter for some time as they might be misaligned which increases the problem even more. Do not compromise the security at your place by taking any unwanted steps.

  • Faulty motor

If the roller shutter motor is not working, then it will result in total failure of the shutter, and in this case, the motor needs to be replaced or repaired. Make sure to get professional assistance every 6 months or earlier. This way the unwanted problem with the roller shutter is identified on time.

  • Sensor problem

In some cases, the problem with the working of the roller shutter is affected due to the faulty sensor. The code needed to operate the shutter may be clashing with the neighbor. The problem is usually triggered when the opening is proper but the shutter is not closing correctly. With time, it is possible that the strip will perish and its flexibility is going to get lost.

The error code is likely to occur because of a low battery and the battery must be suspected. In case, the battery needs to be replaced then make sure to code is given the utmost importance.

How is it beneficial for you to get emergency roller shutter repair from professionals?


While looking for the best security system it is important to choose something reliable and effective. No doubt, with time the security system can get damaged and if that is the case it is important to get them repaired by the professionals. Whether it is because of a break-in or vandalism you need to get hire professionals for shutter repair. This way they will ensure that the shutters are fixed on time and your place will be safe and secure.

It is beneficial to call the professionals for emergency shutter repair as they know how the problem can be fixed on time which makes your safety and future damage can also be prevented. In this blog, we are going to make you understand the various benefits of hiring an experienced and skilled team for emergency shutter repair.


  • Budget-friendly option

Most of the time, people think that if they do not call the repair time right away, the problem won’t increase. You need to ensure that the shutters are in proper working condition once they are damaged. If you avoid calling the professionals, then damage will increase which is going to cost you more money in the future.

If the shutters are damaged, it becomes an easy target for intruders and thieves. You should not feel overwhelmed about the repair cost. When you hire the professionals you are going to get a proper understanding of how much will be the total cost and how the shutter can be fixed. They know which part is needed for the repair service and this way the cost will be under your budget. With the professional’s emergency service, there are no unexpected additional charges and they will only give you the service which you have asked for.

  • 24-hour repairs

The professionals are going to be there for you 24*7 for emergency shutter servicing. No matter where you are located the team will reach you on time. The highly experienced and trained professional will give an impressive service in the first go. This way the shutters are going to function smoothly and the security of the place is not affected at any cost. We treat all our clients with the urgent response service so that the shutters can function the way they used to.

  • Experts provide you with every service

Whether it is your home or office, the professionals will reach your place within no time. The specialists are going to handle every shutter servicing with perfection. Their years of experience and skills are what make them different from others.



Get professional help for Sectional Overhead & Roller Shutter Faults & Repairs

Rollers shutters for increased security

Roller Shutter Faults & Repairs London, Roller shutters demand has increased a lot in the past few years before the way it functions. No doubt, its technique and working mechanism is best as compared to the traditional doors. One of the options is to get the installation of a sectional overhead door. Its installation has increased in industries and many other sectors.

At times, it is seen that many people do not focus on the maintenance part which affects the shutter functioning. For that, it becomes important that you get the service for shutter repair on time. If you avoid this for a long time its working will be not the same, and you need to get them replaced. So it is best to hire professionals for repair & maintenance service on time.

Get Installation of sectional overhead door repair & fault finding.

When you get in touch with the professionals you can rest assured that the problem will be fixed. The issue you have encountered on the site will be replicated in the training room, and the client is told the best way to deal with it. Here are some of how the shutters can be fixed:

  • Old cables can be replaced on the door.
  • New cables are added to correct the door functioning.
  • Refit the door in the exact position.
  • Once everything is fixed, the door working is checked.

Apart from that damage buttons are removed, and the intermediate panels are taken out. To make sure new panels are fixed properly the team will take the necessary measurement. After that, the door is fit and door functioning is checked.

During maintenance, each & every spring on the door will be checked and if anything is loose it will be tightened. If anything is broken then it will be replaced with a new one. The professionals have the eye to check what issue might be there & what can be done to correct it.

What issues can occur with the spring?

The electric motor is fitted back in its place, and the limits are set. If you have any questions in your mind then feel free to ask the professionals right away. They will guide you about each problem in-depth and how the problem is solved.

Safety is an important concern

Safety is the utmost concern for any business and house owner. If you are planning to install the shutters in your house or business premises, then you need to make sure that they are functioning smoothly.


What is the need of using a professional roller shutter repair service?

Increased security with roller shutter

In this blog, we are going to make you understand the need for hiring professionals from the esteemed company for timely shutter repair and maintenance.

Difficulty operating the shutters

  • You may find it difficult to operate the roller shutters smoothly regularly. The shutter might get stuck when you try to close or open it. If you notice this problem getting in excess then make sure to ask the professionals to get them fixed. Also, you can spray the rails with the recommended lubricant.
  • You notice the shutter is opening or closing in halfway. One of the main reasons it happens is because of the dirt getting collected over the proximity sensors. It might be possible the debris got collected in the track. Make sure that you check the roller shutter regularly so that the debris & dirt is removed.
  • The Roller shutter might show unwanted signs of damage. It means all of a sudden you have difficulty moving them or you cannot keep them in one place. It is possible that the braking mechanism of the shutter is not working, and you need to hire professionals to get it fixed.

Unwanted noise while operating

Roller shutters are known for operating smoothly but at times you might hear unwanted noise & sounds. In that case, you should lubricate the shutters from time to time. In case, you are noticing rattle, screech, squeak, or unwanted noise daily then you need to hire professionals. In many cases, the problem is with the roller shutter working, and if you do not pay attention to these things then it might result in unwanted issues.

The visible sign of damage

When you are not around the property & the shutters are installed, many problematic things can happen. For example:

  • Intruders might try to enter the premises that result in damage to the property.
  • In case the break-in was not successful the signs of damage can be seen easily.
  • Accidents can result in dents that are caused when vehicles hit the roller shutters or stones pelted during break-in.
  • Extreme weather conditions can affect the roller shutter surface.
  • Roller shutters are installed for a long time, or you have not been keeping up with the maintenance.
  • Not hiring professionals from time to time resulted in corrosion and rust.

If you are noticing these signs for a long time then make sure to call the professionals for roller shutter repair service.

Leakage problem

The roller shutters are designed to protect the premises and prevent intruders from entering the premises. There may be some kind of leakage issue because of unattended wear & tear. If you notice water entering the premises or issue with hot & cold air then you need to hire the professionals.

Electric shutters are not working

The electric shutters can easily get damaged which means there is a problem with the electric supply and all the necessary connections. You may be experiencing overheating issues that need to be checked on time.

Why is the installation of security roller shutters important for your place?

Security roller shutters protect your place from intruders, strangers, robbers and so on. There are numerous benefits which you should consider and install roller shutter at your place as soon as possible. Also call experts for any shutter repair services. Keeping the advantages of roller shutter in mind we are going to talk about why roller shutter is important?

Beneficial for large business

If you are running a large business where loading and unloading occurs, then roller shutter plays a vital role in protecting your products. You can install manual as well as electric roller shutter depending upon your place.

Different designs and features

Roller shutter comes in different designs and features. You can enhance the front look of your business by installing the roller shutter at your place. The new features will protect your place from sun exposure. It will also help you in keeping the place cool in summers and warm in winters. Talking about designs there are numerous designs available for you. You can select the best among all according to your needs.

Provides security

If you are staying in a building, then it is better to install the roller shutter in front of the doors for doubling the security of yourself. You will also see the installation of roller shutter at various places such as shopping malls, commercial buildings, and so on. This will help the owners to protect their place.

Improves the appearance

Security roller shutters help you in improving the appearance of the place and it also increases the value of your place. The festive season is going on and this is the best time to attract the customers towards you and increase the sale. So make sure you are installing the roller shutter according to the theme of your business. It will also give an aesthetic look to your place.

Easily accessible

Customers don’t like to enter the shops which have complex doors. So by installing the roller shutter you can install stylish doors at your entrance which will be easily operated by the customers.

Difficult to break

After locking your place if someone tries to break the lock system of roller shutter then they are unable to do it. Nobody can easily break the lock system of the roller shutter. Dents will come but it is hard to break. These activities usually take place at night. So by installing the rollers hutter at your place you can sleep in your home peacefully.

Gives privacy

Installation of roller shutter at your place gives you privacy as nobody can see what is happening inside the place. In fact, it reduces the uninvited noise coming from outside.



What are the utmost methods to solve common roller shutter problems?

Roller shutters are meant for doubling the security of the place. There are some roller shutters which are low maintenance as well as some that need extra care. And if you are experiencing shutter problems, then call the experts to fix the shutter repair problem. But there are some problems which you can fix on your own and in this article we are going to talk about it in detail.

When roller shutter is not opening

While opening the roller shutter, sometimes what happens is you are trying to open but won’t be able to open the shutter. If you are also facing the same problem, then need not to worry. Before calling experts the first thing you should check is the power source button. Make sure that the power source button should be on.


Due to excessive usage of roller shutter, it starts overheating and then you won’t be able to operate. You should leave your roller shutter for 1 hour or so for resting. It will help your roller shutter to cool down and after some time, you can again start using the shutter.

Slow and Uneven Movements

If your roller shutter is not working properly and creating slow or uneven movements, then you should check whether the dirt or debris accumulated on the shutter or not. If it is collected, then clean with a towel. This is the only reason why we always tell you to clean your roller shutter regularly. Also, check the rails whether there is anything there on the rails or not. If you find anything on the rail, then be careful while removing the thing without damaging the roller shutter.

Dent on the shutter

Dents are pretty common on roller shutters installed in places like warehouses, factories and so on. So it is common to have dents on roller shutter. To avoid any types of dents or scratches, you should make sure you are painting your roller shutter from time to time.

Roller shutter is stuck

If your roller shutter is stuck in between or not closing properly or making noise, then you should do oiling from time to time. If you will not do oiling from time to time, then your roller shutter will create a problem. In fact, there are different types of lubricants sprays available in the market which you can purchase.

Check sensors

If the door is opening in between and you are finding it difficult to operate the roller shutter, then you should check whether dirt is formed on the censors or not. If dirt is formed on the censors, then cleaning the censors will help you in operating the roller shutter properly.