24/7 Emergency Shutter Repair Company

    Setting a milestone in the industry, our shutter repair company is one of the leading brands. Our main aim is to ensure the safety of your property. We make sure to render the best service. Our company has a diligent team of professionals for the roller shutter repair service who have years of experience.
    We create the best design shutters for your property which are of the best quality. What makes us the Best Shutter Repair Company is that we provide a wide range of service which includes automatic shutters, roller shutter repairs, glazing, curtain walling, metal works, gates, grills, and canopies. We will help you without hesitation and you can approach us at any time of the day.
    Our team first analyzes the customer requirement and according to the property the installation is done by preparing a strategic plan. The way we give the on-time solution and emergency repair service 24*7 is the brownie point.


    Our main services


    Security shutter repair

    If you want to keep your premises secure against the crime, damage, and other issues, then you need to get the roller shutter installation. Our team will provide you efficient service to protect the premises.

    Shutter Replacement

    Our replacement service is fast, affordable, and efficient to protect your business premises. Our team is fully trained and experienced to give you the highest standard service.

    Maintenance Services

    It is important that you keep up with the shutter maintenance and do not avoid the problem. Our team will carry out comprehensive service so that your shutters are in good working condition.

    Emergency Shutter Repair

    We offer the emergency repair service all year round so that your premises are protected. Our team will come at any time to make sure the shutters are in perfect working condition.

    Why choose us

    The Shutter Repair company guarantees to fox all the problems associated with the internal and external roller shutters which include the shutter repairs and shutter maintenance service.

    Professional and Prompt Service

    Shutter repair will offer you an on-time repair service on any type of shutters. Our in-house team of experts will arrive on your property and complete the work with quality standards.

    Competitive price

    Our clients often get surprised by how affordable our service is. What makes us different from others is that we only rely on our worker’s skills and experience.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Our comprehensive after-sales support repair and maintenance service help to keep the premises safe and secure. We aim to stay consistent and exceed our customer’s expectations.


    One Year Builders Guarantee for New Material


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    FAQ's About Shutter Repair

    Yes, we provide the shutters with a one-year warranty against the installation errors and factory deficit. If in this time, the problem arises we will get it fixed free of cost and with the maintenance contract, this will extend to 24 months.
    Yes, it is possible to do it. The security shutters come with a standard factory finish. The steel shutters are galvanized and aluminum shutters come with anodized finish. Most of the shutters come with a standard RAL or you can choose the color you like.
    This depends on the product you are going to install, but before the confirmation of the order, it will take around 3 to 4 weeks before the shutters are installed. Our experts will give you the delivery estimate before the order.
    If we have the material, then we will find the solution for you to make sure all your needs are fulfilled.
    The question cannot be answered until the experts get all the answers. Various things need to be kept in mind like shutter size and what all accessories you need. If you have a specific need then talk to our team.

    Signs Your Roller Shutter Needs Repair

    Operating mechanism is Difficult

    The working mechanism of the shutters is not easy which includes:

    • While closing or opening the shutters you are encountering problems. The problem can be solved by lubricating all the parts.
    • The shutters get stuck and this can be resolved by spraying the rails with the lubricant as suggested by the experts.
    • The shutters will not close smoothly because it has dirt over the proximity sensors. Make sure you thoroughly clean the dirt and dust.

    In case you notice unpredictable movement then call the professionals right away to get the shutter repaired.

    Unwanted Noise

    While closing or opening the shutters you have screeching, squeaky, or unbearable noise then you must call the professionals.

    Visible Damage Signs

    The intruders and thieves can break into the premises which will break your shutters. Since the shutters fail the signs of the damage can be noticed easily. Due to the accident, the shutters can have dents.
    Additionally, when the maintenance is not proper it can lead to rust and corrosion. In that case, it is essential to call the professionals