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    As far as the commercial buildings are concerned, then we cannot deny the importance of installing the fire roller shutters. These kinds of shutters are highly responsible for maintaining both safety and security.

    If you are getting the fire roller shutter manufactured from the SHUTTER REPAIR, then we promise to provide you with the ultimate solution of safety, security and fire resistance.

    There may arise certain situations in which you need professional assistance like shutter repair, maintenance and replacement of the parts. Shutter repair in Barnet is the most appreciated service because of the long-lasting nature and timely rendering. The roller shutter repair cost in the barnet is considerably low as compared to the other regions.


    ● The fire roller shutter doors which are supplied by us are accountable for reducing the impact of the fire by becoming a safety barrier. These help to keep the fire contained or limited to only one area of the building.

    ● Not only this but the damage can be reduced which can be caused by the flames. Thus it may also help in mitigating the reduction in the overall cost of the repairs and minimizing the losses.

    ● The installations are accountable for providing an extra layer of security for the business by meeting the various regulations of the buildings.

    ● The risk assessments which are done beforehand are related to the commercial buildings, quintessentially plays a great role in the protection of the company whenever there is an event of a fire.

    ● The biggest benefit of installing these is that you may not feel the urgent need to claim the insurance amounts.


    We do build the fire roller shutter considering the fire rating of high importance. The fire rating must have to be adequate as far as the needs of the business are concerned. By rating we mean, how long can the fire roller shutters hold back the flames? We benefit our customers with the highest rating and can provide with the 1, 2 and 4 hour rated doors. This kind of rating is required when the protection is concerned with the kitchens, factories, offices and warehouses. Along with that, to match the suitability, we also aim at making our customers hugely benefited by including both the angel and the three-phase power systems.


    The fire roller shutters can perform best to their functioning if they are greatly maintained. Whenever our professionals will come to your place for the installation, they will also guide you with the maintenance measures so that you can keep them maintained on your own for a long time. But, still, you are suggested to get the roller shutters maintained from the professionals at least once a year.


    The safety of the place is the first thing you should consider. For that, you are required to install the fire roller shutters. We want you to consider us as we want a chance to serve you with the best roller shutter service.