roller shutter installation

What are the common problems you experience after the roller shutter installation?

In a Nutshell

London: Security roller shutters are important to protect your business from intruders, robbers and so on. So installation of the shutter is a smart choice. It is low maintenance, durable as well as it is worth the money. But don’t you neglect the maintenance of the shutter which might end up increasing the cost of the shutter repair.

Keeping the shutter in mind today we are going to talk about common problems you might experience after shutter installation.

Absenteeism of electricity

Mostly you are going to face the roller shutter problem related to electricity. If you are having roller shutters installed in industries, then you might experience the problem because after the shift will get over lights will be off. So how will you be able to operate the shutter? Make sure the source of power attached to the roller shutter is on. If it is off then on it and protect yourself from facing any shutter problems.


If the roller shutter installed at your place is working all the time, then you will face the overheating problem. The more of the shutter will overheat and you will face difficulty in operating the shutter. You should make sure that the engine is temporary or permanently damaged.

If you are experiencing a temporary problem, then stop operating your shutter for a while. It will give the motor a time to relax and go back to the normal temperature. After some time try using your shutter if still it’s not working smoothly means the engine is damaged permanently and you need to call the experts.

Dirt and stones accumulated

You might experience roller shutter problems due to stones and dirt accumulated on the roller shutter. The dirt and debris on the rails create problems in opening and closing the shutter and also creates unwanted noise. It also affects the movements. This happens when you don’t clean the roller shutter regularly. You should clean the shutter easily to avoid such problems.

Structure of the shutter

Shutters installed in the industries can cause dents, scratches on it which cause malfunctioning. Vandalism can also be another cause for the dents or scratches. If you are experiencing such problems, then need not to worry. You can solve the problem with the help of a hammer by knocking out the dents. But if the shutter is having larger dents due to the aim of breaking, then it is better to call the shutter repair so fix the problem because you won’t be able to solve it on your own.


What if your shutter will be stuck in between, then what you do? You experience such a problem due to lack of oiling. If you will not do oiling and greasing from time to time, then you are going to face shutter problems.

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