What are the topmost tips for choosing the right roller shutter for your place?

Roller shutters are a great choice by adding another layer of security at your place. It will help you in protecting your place from burglars, thieves, and any other person who thinks your place is an easy target. Maintenance of roller shutter is also a must to reduce the cost of shutter repair

List of topmost tips on how you can choose the right roller shutter for your place.

  • Location

If your business is in a large shopping centre then you don’t need heavy-duty roller shutters installed at your place. You need lightweight roller shutters made with aluminium material because your shop is not having much criminal activity risk. If your shop is at the local street then you need heavy duty roller shutters for the protection of your products and services. You should consult the experts to pick the premium quality roller shutter for your place.

  • Material plays an important role

Always remember the installation of aluminium roller shutter is more beneficial as compared to any other roller shutters. Aluminium has its advantages such as it is lightweight, strong, durable, flexible, reusable, and many more.

  • Electric and Manual is a great choice

You can select electric roller shutters as well as manual roller shutters depending upon your budget. Both roller shutters are having different perks. If you are having sufficient money to invest then select electric roller shutters which you can access from anywhere sitting in the shop. It will open and close easily with a remote. You can also choose a manual roller shutter which is easy to use and are cheaper than electric roller shutters.

  • Safety features should be there in roller shutters

Your roller shutter should have safety measures inside it such as photocells, sensitivity edges which will detect the person or objects. Your roller shutters should be easy to operate in the fire situation. It should have a fire alarm to detect the smoke no matter it is on or off. Always check the safety features while selecting roller shutters for your place.

  • Consider insulation

This is a type of feature which people often ignore while selecting the roller shutter which should not be overlooked. The best kind of roller shutters will be having foam injected which will help in providing you best insulative performance. Remember not all roller shutters are having this feature installed in it. So be careful while choosing a roller shutter. It is a long term investment so if you want your roller shutter to work in the long run then make sure you are choosing a roller shutter with insulation feature installed in it.



What are the common myths related to the working of security roller shutters?

You might hear different perceptions from different people, and it might develop certain myths about its installation. You should not get confused about its working or how it can serve the option of security. To make an informed decision, make sure to get in touch with the experts for installation, maintenance, and shutter repair. In this blog, we are going to discuss the popular myths and the facts which you need to understand.

Myth: Roller shutter impact the curb appeal

You might meet people who tell you that the shutters do not have the best design and style. But they can give the modern-day look to the entire premises. This is because you can get the shutters from the market in different designs and styles to suit your requirements. The traditional solid shutter designs are perforated, punched, and grill varieties which adds the aesthetic look to the entire property. Additionally, if you choose the shutters made from aluminum you can find them in different patterns and even get them customized the way you like.

Myth: Roller shutters are not suitable for home

Many people think that shutters are only suitable for shops, offices, and stores. However, the roller shutters are not limited to the business and commercial property. You can secure the windows, garage, and other areas of residential property with the roller shutter installation. Moreover, you can choose them in different options of style, color, and pattern which helps to add value to the entire place.

Myth: Maintenance takes a lot of time

Roller shutters are made of durable material which makes it easier for you to manage them. Aluminum is an exceptional material that can serve the purpose of security for a lifetime. Additionally, it will not rust and can withstand the harsh weather conditions easily. You can even get them cleaned daily with the use of plain cloth, or you can use a mixture of detergent and water. This way the dirt will not be accumulated on the shutters, and this way it will improve the appearance of the place.

Just keep in mind to call the professionals every 6 months or before depending on the situation. The experts will check the working of the shutters, and if there is any issue they will get it fixed right away.

Myth: Shutters need human labor

Many people think that the shutters are difficult to operate, and there is a need for extra force to close and open them. But the fact is that aluminum shutters are extremely lightweight and easy to close and shut. Moreover, you can even get the shutters with electronic and automatic working which reduces the need for human efforts drastically.



What are the types of roller shutter system and barrier security doors?

No matter what type of property you have, it is important to have safety and security in every nook and corner of the premises.

Barrier security and Roller doors

Roller doors are highly beneficial for the premises also shutter repair and maintenance is less. Also, these doors can work in the same manner as security roller doors. The shutters are a great option in maintaining the security of the entire place which is not possible with any other option. Some of the benefit of getting the security roller doors to include:

  • Roller shutters are a great option to protect against weather. It means if you are living in an area where weather is uncertain then make sure to get the shutters.
  • Roller shutters are extremely difficult to break against the human force. This is because they are made of strong materials like steel and aluminum which cannot be broken easily. With their installation, the crime rate will reduce in your area and you can live a peaceful life.
  • The roller shutters are a great choice for reducing unwanted noise. It means if you are living in the main street or your shop is located in a busy area then these shutters will prevent the noise from entering your place. In simple terms, you can work without any disturbance, customers can shop without hearing the loud noise, and you can sleep peacefully at your home.
  • The roller shutters are a great choice in providing insulation. It means the shutters and security doors will control the temperature. If it is cold outside, it will keep the place warm inside, and if it is warm outside, it won’t let the col air pass through the building.


Types of barrier security doors

Bi-folding doors

These doors are specially designed for commercial properties such as

  • Retail street fronts
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Countertops
  • Shopping centers
  • Offices
  • Banks
  • Universities
  • Showrooms
  • Hotels
  • Warehouses
  • Government
  • Public buildings.


Trellis doors

These doors are valuable for both commercial and residential properties which include:

  • Retail street fronts
  • Domestic door entries for front doors
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Patio doors
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Shopping centers
  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • Commercial Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Hospitals
  • Showrooms
  • Government and public buildings.


Roller shutters

Roller shutters are popular among business owners and homeowners. They are the ultimate solution for increased security and protection. The shutters are made of quality material which allows the entire place to be secured for a long time.


Types of roller shutter

  • Roller shutters for Shopping centers
  • Offices Roller shutters
  • Retail street fronts Roller shutters
  • Countertops Roller Shutters
  • Roller shutters in Universities
  • Roller Shutters in Showrooms
  • Hospital’s Roller shutters
  • School’s Roller shutter
  • Window Roller Shutters in Hotels
  • Bank’s Roller shutters

What are the problems you face after installing a roller shutter and how to fix them?

Roller shutters are very important for the security of you and your place. If roller shutter damages then it will put you and your place at high risk. Risk of burglars, intruders, etc. For shutter repair call the experts which will help you in identifying the problem and in solving it. Don’t forget to check the location, reviews, ratings of the company you are going to call for the repair. 

Common roller shutter problems are:

  • While opening and closing the roller shutter

You might face a problem while opening or closing the roller shutter. Sometimes the roller shutter is half-opened. At that time you need to check the power source button of the roller shutter is on or off. If it is off then on it and if you are on the button but still it is getting off then you need expert advice.

  • Roller shutter is overheating

This can be another common issue you might face with the installed roller shutter. If you are using your roller shutter continuously without even giving it a rest then the overheating problem occurs. You need to wait for the roller shutter to come to the normal temperature before using it.

  • Roller shutters are jammed

While operating the roller shutters if it is jammed or stuck then you are failed to do oiling from time to time. Roller shutters need care. You have to take care of them by cleaning it regularly and oiling, greasing from time to time.

  • Shutters are not shutting properly

If your roller shutters are shutting halfway then you need to check the sensors of the roller shutters. Sometimes due to dirt on the sensors, it creates problems while operating it. Make sure your sensors are cleaned properly and not damaged for the smooth functioning of the roller shutter.

  • Code problem

Sometimes you face the problem of code clashing with your neighbours. If you are facing any type of problem regarding code then you need a professional which will solve your problem.

  • Roller shutter is damaged

If you are using a roller shutter in industrial areas then dents, dings are quite a common problem. Little dents will not affect the functioning of the roller shutter but major ones will affect and you need an expert.

  • The shutter is working too fast or too slow

If you are also facing a problem where your roller shutter is either working too fast or too slow then maybe there will be a problem of spring inserted in roller shutters. Well, there can be another reason also to identify the root of the problem then call the skilled person who will help you.