Roller Shutter Problems And Its Solution With Shutter Repair

Roller shutter is essential for your commercialized, industrial or residential area. But with regular use, it is given that you will also notice some breakout or wear or tear over the course of time. In such a situation, it is mandatory for you to focus on shutter repair in London for longer durability.

Apart from wear and tear, you might also notice unexpected problems with the roller shutter. Hence you should know how to handle such circumstances to avoid any mishap.

Roller shutter is a great installment, but you never know when you might face any issue leading to partial or total failure. In such conditions, you must immediately rectify it to prevent the Security Shutters In London from permanent damage.

Common Roller Shutter Problems

Most of the time, you can clear up the roller shutter issue within no time. But it is always wise to take professional help, especially in an issue that requires little extra attention. Technical expertise will help you get rid of the problem in no time at an affordable price.

  • When The Roller Shutter Makes Noise

Nowadays, the roller shutter we manufacture is smooth and does not create any extra noise while functioning.

Hence, you should be worried if it does out of nowhere. In case you are listening to some unnecessary weird noise from the roller shutter while you are opening or closing it, then there is a problem that you might need to fix.

In most circumstances, you hear such noise when something external comes in contact with the roller shutter disrupting its function.

While on the other hand, unlubricated hinges can also produce those sounds. Make sure to oil it weekly or monthly by yourself or with professional help.

  • When Does The Roller Shutter Not Function Smoothly?

Do not panic when one day you wake up and try to open your roller shutter to no avail. Be calm as it is a perfectly normal situation to face, and it is not a dangerous problem.

Some of the reasons behind the dysfunction is not receiving enough power supply to run the motors if you have an electric roller shutter.

In such a situation, it is necessary for you to check the shutter power before anything else. In case there is no issue with the power supply, then some external object might lead to disruption. Any external object in the roller shutter can affect the free movement of the roller shutter.

Hence you should check for any external objects and remove them, if any.

You can also see some dysfunction when there is some failure of the bearings of the rollers. Although this does not happen often, it is more frequent if the bearings are not lubricated in time. If you are sure, there is no problem with the power and no obstruction in the shutter. Then you must look for the bearing and maintain or replace it as per necessity.

Seek professional assistance for commercial roller shutter repair

Professional Roller Shutter Repair

Do you have roller shutters installed on your premises? Whether the shutters are commercial, residential, or industrial, you have to make sure the shutters are completely in a manageable state. And that’s where you need the shutter repair service to improve the state of the shutters. The professional assistance will make sure the shutters are working the way it needs to. In case you have commercial roller shutters installed on your property then you need expert assistance for the same. Let me share some important reasons to seek professional repair services for shutters.

Professional repair service for commercial roller shutter in London

For a commercial business owner, it’s essential to manage the premises in terms of looks and security factors. The option of Commercial Roller Shutters in London allows making the security 10 times better. Now, after the installation, there are a few essential reasons to choose professional shutter technicians.

Reason 1: Years of expertise

A thorough understanding of the shutter technicians is what makes a huge difference. No matter how many roller shutters in London you have, be prompt with the maintenance part frequently. The professional assistance ensures every little part of the shutter gets checked. As they have been handling this business for a long time they know what to do.

Reason 2: Technical understanding

Most importantly, it’s the technical understanding that makes a huge difference. The professionals are well-aware of how to check every moving part of the shutters and fix it. Their technical understanding is way beyond everything that brings out the difference to keep the shutters in a moving state for a long time.

Reason 3: Availability of all necessary tools and equipment

The professionals have all the necessary equipment and tools to get the shutters fixed. They will make the shutter repair so smooth and manageable that you won’t even know when they visited your property. For every shutter, there are different tools and equipment needed, and under their assistance, there’s everything that you are looking for.

Reason 4: Even address the small faults

When you hire professionals regularly for inspection it’s much easier to understand what’s the issue. Especially, if the problem has just started then the professionals will get the specific issue rectified before it gets worse. Before the problem gets worse the professionals checks on what to do next.

Reason 5: Only pay for what’s wrong

For shutter repair, you only need to pay for what’s wrong with the shutters. The professionals will perform the initial inspection and accordingly, you are given the necessary quote.

When did you got the shutters repair?

If not, then it’s a sign that you need to hire professionals for shutter repair in London.

How to look for a professional for an emergency roller shutter repair service?

So, looking for a professional is important in different situations. One of them is when the roller shutter breaks down or does not function correctly. To prevent the shutter from further damage, it is important to hire professionals for shutter repair right away. Although the professionals always suggest that you should get proper maintenance and servicing of the shutters from time to time.

  • Dock levelers and shutters repair

If there is any damage to the dock levelers then there can be difficult managing the temperature and all the goods won’t be preserved correctly. Therefore, in this situation, you must call the professionals as they can detect the issue of a broken pressure hose or faulty pump. Only the highly trained professionals will be able to give you the right repair service.

  • Automatic entrance shutter repair

If your automatic entrance shutters are not working correctly, then make sure to call for professionals without wasting a single second. If you avoid the need of hiring one, then you are giving a chance to have the occurrence of theft or unwanted break-ins. If the shutters have broken down, then the energy is lost which ultimately means you will waste your money. Only the professionals can detect the issue and give you the correct solution. Even if it’s uneven closing or opening of the shutters, you should not avoid the situation.

  • Electric shutters and barrier repair

The shutters functioning is different and only proficient technicians & engineers can detect the issue with the shutters. Therefore, it is important to call the professionals as they can repair them with the right approach and even share some of the measures you should take to avoid shutter damage.

  • Fire Shutter repair

Fire shutters are in increased demand in different sectors. Be it an industrial area, commercial area, or residential area, their installation is likely to be fitted in every place. The shutter installation can save several lives along with the property and money. If the shutters are damaged or not working appropriately, then you are giving a chance for the security & safety to get hampered. This is the reason, it is important to call the professionals from time to time to protect the shutters and they will be in the right working condition for a long time. 

Additional shutter types

Apart from that, there are different shutter types like garage doors, and traffic barriers, which need to get proper maintenance. The only approach to let them working correctly is by getting them repaired by professionals. Proper understanding of these advanced units and their functioning is only able to be understood when you contact the professionals.

What are the topmost tips to solve roller shutter problems which require experts?

Security roller shutters are famous for providing safety to the place. And they also need shutter repair services from time to time which people usually neglect.

  • Experiencing problem while opening or closing the shutter

After installation of security roller shutters at your place this is the foremost problem which people face while opening or closing the shutter. If you are the one who is facing such a problem then you should check the power source button. You should check that button is on or not.

  • Overheating

If you are using the roller shutter regularly then there are chances you might see roller shutter get heated up. Due to many frictional forces, this problem occurs. All you need to do in such a situation is to give your shutter some time to rest. After cooling down the roller shutter you can operate it easily.

Roller shutter is Jammed

This is also a common problem which is experienced by the owner of the place. But have you ever thought about why your roller gets stuck or jammed? This happens due to lack of lubrication. Yes, you heard it right. So to avoid such a problem you should do oiling from time to time.

Roller shutter is shutting midway

proximity sensors are the one who controls the movement of the roller shutter. And there are chances that dirt accumulates on sensors. This condition occurs when you are unable to clean your roller shutter from time to time and due to problems in sensors the roller shutters shut in midway. Make sure you are cleaning your roller shutter regularly.

Damaged roller shutter

Roller shutter gets damaged due to poor maintenance. There are chances that your roller shutter is mishandled or hit by any vehicle and it can worsen the condition of the roller shutter. So you should take necessary precautions to avoid any damages on roller shutter.

Leaks in Roller shutter

Due to weather conditions, there are chances that your roller shutter might get leaked. But don’t worry every problem comes with a solution and installation of aluminium roller shutter is the ultimate solution for this problem. If you are experiencing any leak problem from shutter then you should call professionals to help you in solving your problem.

Wear out

There are possibilities that your roller shutters nuts and bolts might get loose because of the opening and closing of roller shutter daily. So you should contact experts to help you in fixing the nuts, bolts of the roller shutter.


Your roller shutter might get damaged due to repetitive attempts of robbers. If they are trying to open with a hard weapon then also your roller shutter gets damaged. So you should call the experts to repair the damage.



What are the utmost methods to solve common roller shutter problems?

Roller shutters are meant for doubling the security of the place. There are some roller shutters which are low maintenance as well as some that need extra care. And if you are experiencing shutter problems, then call the experts to fix the shutter repair problem. But there are some problems which you can fix on your own and in this article we are going to talk about it in detail.

When roller shutter is not opening

While opening the roller shutter, sometimes what happens is you are trying to open but won’t be able to open the shutter. If you are also facing the same problem, then need not to worry. Before calling experts the first thing you should check is the power source button. Make sure that the power source button should be on.


Due to excessive usage of roller shutter, it starts overheating and then you won’t be able to operate. You should leave your roller shutter for 1 hour or so for resting. It will help your roller shutter to cool down and after some time, you can again start using the shutter.

Slow and Uneven Movements

If your roller shutter is not working properly and creating slow or uneven movements, then you should check whether the dirt or debris accumulated on the shutter or not. If it is collected, then clean with a towel. This is the only reason why we always tell you to clean your roller shutter regularly. Also, check the rails whether there is anything there on the rails or not. If you find anything on the rail, then be careful while removing the thing without damaging the roller shutter.

Dent on the shutter

Dents are pretty common on roller shutters installed in places like warehouses, factories and so on. So it is common to have dents on roller shutter. To avoid any types of dents or scratches, you should make sure you are painting your roller shutter from time to time.

Roller shutter is stuck

If your roller shutter is stuck in between or not closing properly or making noise, then you should do oiling from time to time. If you will not do oiling from time to time, then your roller shutter will create a problem. In fact, there are different types of lubricants sprays available in the market which you can purchase.

Check sensors

If the door is opening in between and you are finding it difficult to operate the roller shutter, then you should check whether dirt is formed on the censors or not. If dirt is formed on the censors, then cleaning the censors will help you in operating the roller shutter properly.