What are the topmost tips to solve roller shutter problems which require experts?

Security roller shutters are famous for providing safety to the place. And they also need shutter repair services from time to time which people usually neglect.

  • Experiencing problem while opening or closing the shutter

After installation of security roller shutters at your place this is the foremost problem which people face while opening or closing the shutter. If you are the one who is facing such a problem then you should check the power source button. You should check that button is on or not.

  • Overheating

If you are using the roller shutter regularly then there are chances you might see roller shutter get heated up. Due to many frictional forces, this problem occurs. All you need to do in such a situation is to give your shutter some time to rest. After cooling down the roller shutter you can operate it easily.

Roller shutter is Jammed

This is also a common problem which is experienced by the owner of the place. But have you ever thought about why your roller gets stuck or jammed? This happens due to lack of lubrication. Yes, you heard it right. So to avoid such a problem you should do oiling from time to time.

Roller shutter is shutting midway

proximity sensors are the one who controls the movement of the roller shutter. And there are chances that dirt accumulates on sensors. This condition occurs when you are unable to clean your roller shutter from time to time and due to problems in sensors the roller shutters shut in midway. Make sure you are cleaning your roller shutter regularly.

Damaged roller shutter

Roller shutter gets damaged due to poor maintenance. There are chances that your roller shutter is mishandled or hit by any vehicle and it can worsen the condition of the roller shutter. So you should take necessary precautions to avoid any damages on roller shutter.

Leaks in Roller shutter

Due to weather conditions, there are chances that your roller shutter might get leaked. But don’t worry every problem comes with a solution and installation of aluminium roller shutter is the ultimate solution for this problem. If you are experiencing any leak problem from shutter then you should call professionals to help you in solving your problem.

Wear out

There are possibilities that your roller shutters nuts and bolts might get loose because of the opening and closing of roller shutter daily. So you should contact experts to help you in fixing the nuts, bolts of the roller shutter.


Your roller shutter might get damaged due to repetitive attempts of robbers. If they are trying to open with a hard weapon then also your roller shutter gets damaged. So you should call the experts to repair the damage.