Everything you need to know about 24 7 Emergency roller shutter repair

What is the need of using a professional roller shutter repair service?

Increased security with roller shutter

In this blog, we are going to make you understand the need for hiring professionals from the esteemed company for timely shutter repair and maintenance.

Difficulty operating the shutters

  • You may find it difficult to operate the roller shutters smoothly regularly. The shutter might get stuck when you try to close or open it. If you notice this problem getting in excess then make sure to ask the professionals to get them fixed. Also, you can spray the rails with the recommended lubricant.
  • You notice the shutter is opening or closing in halfway. One of the main reasons it happens is because of the dirt getting collected over the proximity sensors. It might be possible the debris got collected in the track. Make sure that you check the roller shutter regularly so that the debris & dirt is removed.
  • The Roller shutter might show unwanted signs of damage. It means all of a sudden you have difficulty moving them or you cannot keep them in one place. It is possible that the braking mechanism of the shutter is not working, and you need to hire professionals to get it fixed.

Unwanted noise while operating

Roller shutters are known for operating smoothly but at times you might hear unwanted noise & sounds. In that case, you should lubricate the shutters from time to time. In case, you are noticing rattle, screech, squeak, or unwanted noise daily then you need to hire professionals. In many cases, the problem is with the roller shutter working, and if you do not pay attention to these things then it might result in unwanted issues.

The visible sign of damage

When you are not around the property & the shutters are installed, many problematic things can happen. For example:

  • Intruders might try to enter the premises that result in damage to the property.
  • In case the break-in was not successful the signs of damage can be seen easily.
  • Accidents can result in dents that are caused when vehicles hit the roller shutters or stones pelted during break-in.
  • Extreme weather conditions can affect the roller shutter surface.
  • Roller shutters are installed for a long time, or you have not been keeping up with the maintenance.
  • Not hiring professionals from time to time resulted in corrosion and rust.

If you are noticing these signs for a long time then make sure to call the professionals for roller shutter repair service.

Leakage problem

The roller shutters are designed to protect the premises and prevent intruders from entering the premises. There may be some kind of leakage issue because of unattended wear & tear. If you notice water entering the premises or issue with hot & cold air then you need to hire the professionals.

Electric shutters are not working

The electric shutters can easily get damaged which means there is a problem with the electric supply and all the necessary connections. You may be experiencing overheating issues that need to be checked on time.